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Our Story

In 2022, Stacy Raap, the founder and host of the DBQ Bridal Expos and owner of Stacy Raap Wedding & Event Decor, spearheaded the launch of the DBQ BRIDAL Expos alongside a dedicated team. Their journey began in September of 2022, driven by a shared commitment to bolstering the local tri-state area. With a vision of fostering community cohesion, Stacy and her team embarked on a mission to collaborate with bridal-focused businesses, both small and large, to offer an inclusive array of options tailored to diverse preferences and budgets.

Drawing upon their collective expertise honed over a decade of orchestrating successful events, including benefits, grand openings, and vendor shows, the team infused the Dubuque Bridal Expos with a wealth of experience. Their backgrounds ranged from seasoned professionals in marketing, advertising, and networking to stalwarts of the bridal industry itself.

Their inaugural bridal expo garnered substantial interest, boasting 85 exhibitors and drawing nearly 900 attendees. Such overwhelming response resulted in a waitlist of approximately 50 exhibitors, indicative of the event's burgeoning popularity. Stacy and her team continue to expand their offerings, aiming to accommodate 80 or more businesses spanning various sectors essential to the wedding industry at each expo.

From attire and jewelry to venues, entertainment, and beyond, the Dubuque Bridal Expos aims to provide a comprehensive showcase of services crucial to crafting the perfect wedding experience. Through meticulous planning and unwavering dedication, Stacy and her team hope to establish the Dubuque Bridal Expos as a cornerstone event within the tri-state area's wedding landscape.

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